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Study Shows USDA Export Promotion Programs Boost U.S. Farm Export Value by 15%, Create Thousands of Jobs.

Agricultural export market development programs funded through the Farm Bill have contributed an average of $8.2 billion per year, a total of more than $309 billion, to farm export revenue between 1977 and 2014 according to a new study conducted by noted land grant university economists.

Agricultural Export Promotion Programs Create Positive Economic Impacts

Do export promotion and related market development programs successfully achieve their objectives? Are they cost effective and a profitable investment of public funds (Kaiser et al., 2005)? This article highlights recent research that assesses how the United States economy is affected by private- and taxpayer-funded promotion activities. Download the article.

Economic Impact of USDA Export Market Development Programs

The purpose of this study is to measure the economic impact of USDA’s Foreign Market Development Program (FMD) and Market Access Program (MAP), and industry market promotion contributions (referred to in this report jointly as the USDA Export Market Development Programs) on U.S. agricultural exports and the broader effects on the farm economy and the overall macro economy. Download the report.

Economic Impact of USDA Export Market Development Programs

This study evaluates the impacts of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s Market Access Program (MAP) and Foreign Market Development (FMD) program using guidelines contained in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Download the report.

Economic Impact of USDA Export Market Development Programs

A new study shows USDA market development programs significantly increase export revenue, farm profits and job growth. Download the infographic.